Translator on call

Translate 4 me a translation service for Spain

Planning on living in Spain? Speak very little Spanish? No problem for residents in the La Posada residential retirement community as they have access to Translate4me. Residents can register via to be given a number to send a “Call Me” SMS to their translator. The service can be pre-booked as well. 

Perhaps when taking a car with a problem to the local garage and no one speaks English, which is difficult if you want to know how much it will cost and how long before it is ready.

For that and similar situations where understanding each other in real-time is important, T4M members have access to a human translator ready to join your conversation using a mobile phone to ensure all sides can communicate. 

Members of T4M can arrange to send an SMS to their allocated personal translator, who will call back and translate in real-time with the phone switched to speaker so that you and the person you are dealing with are understood. 

To be able to use our translate4me service, residents need a mobile (UK or EU number) that is able to send an SMS to a Spanish mobile number. If you can send an SMS to a Spanish mobile, then it is well worth registering as a member just in case you need a translator on the phone one day.

As a member of T4M, residents will have a personal “call me” translator as a contact with a dedicated T4M Spanish mobile number. 

After registering, they may never need to use the service and pay nothing more, but if the day comes that they need help from a translator and have their mobile on them, they will be so glad they registered as a member and had the allocated translator stored as a contact.

The service, should they need it, works like this: When they need their translator, they send them a (Call Me) SMS from their mobile to the T4M number you were given. Once the SMS is received, their translator calls them straight away if the SMS request has been pre-booked or if they are available without prior notice.

After accepting the call, they switch their phone to speaker, and whoever the translator is translating for can hear them.

It is best to use the online booking form link on the website if they know more or less when they need their service. That makes the service cheaper as it is only 8€ when pre-booked instead of 10€ for a ten-minute call.

An excellent example of how to use this service is this. If you know you are going to a specialist shop to buy something that requires being delivered and the staff do not speak English, you request your translator in advance using your booking form link to accept your “Call Me” SMS between 11.00 and 11.30 next Tuesday the 18th, (for example). They will confirm the booking by e-mail.

Alternatively, registered members can send a “Call Me” SMS without pre-booking and hope the translator is free. This service costs 10€ for ten minutes if they can provide it.

A good example of this level of service is if your car breaks down and the recovery driver sent by the insurance company turns up and does not speak a word of English. Using the “Call Me” system, the translator can then explain to him where you want the car taken to and issue any further instructions.

Now, to the important part. The service T4M provides is not explicitly intended for people to use daily. It is more of a “when-in-need” or “planned” service. You cannot use the service if you are not a member.

Anyone who sends a “Call Me” request from a number that is not registered will get no response. All calls made by the translator following a registered SMS are charged by the translator to the registered owner of the mobile that sent the SMS. Terms of use.